CDC Mask Wearing Guidance And Indoor Air Quality? - Steril-Aire

With mask mandates being lifted for individuals who have received one of the proven vaccines, there remain millions of Americans who aren’t vaccinated.

At Steril-Aire we believe a comprehensive approach to assuring indoor air quality is the next essential evolution of protecting people where they live, work and learn. With masks still being required on most forms of public transportation, keeping transit hubs sanitized will be critical to the safety of U.S. travelers as more Americans are able to get back on the road, not to mention on the ocean and in the air.

As the CDC continues to recommend buildings use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) as a supplemental technique to inactivate potential airborne viruses, we encourage everyone to enhance indoor air quality measures with Ultraviolet-C (UVC) emitters for HVAC systems.

Steril-Aire’s high energy germicidal UVC solutions for air and surface decontamination target the DNA of microorganisms, including biofilm and microbial contaminants found in HVAC systems, destroying their cells and reducing replication.