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Steril-Aire’s UVC solutions for airports, buses, cruise ships and more.

Airports, travel and transportations modes have special challenges in today’s world.

Pandemic concerns, shifting occupant volume and patterns, disparate needs between rooms and spaces, as well as high humidity and moisture levels to name just a few.

Let’s face this challenge, airborne disinfection is now vital for both occupant and worker safety. Preventative maintenance is difficult due to system accessibility, chemical use and downtime. When air ventilation systems become contaminated, infection, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and odors can cause more than guest complaints, leading to lower revenue and occupancy rates and poor employee retention and satisfaction.

Steril-Aire UVC Emitters® use germicidal energy to disinfect the air and eliminate the biofilm found on HVAC coils and in drain pans. By providing safe, continuous cleaning, and keeping your HVAC systems clean of biofilm, you can expect energy savings of up to 15%, reduced maintenance and prolonged equipment life.

Steril-Aire provides flexible UVC solutions to accommodate virtually any type of existing or retrofit HVAC systems found in airport, travel or hospitality settings—from guest rooms to large, complex environments. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to disinfect air while helping you save energy and maintenance costs, to improve guest comfort and maximize indoor air quality. Steril-Aire UVC also can contribute to LEED and Green Lodging designations.

Only Steril-Aire UVC Emitters deliver:

  • Airborne disinfection
  • Improved HVAC environmental hygiene
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Optimized HVAC efficiency and performance
  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • A rapid return on investment

When keeping your HVAC and air handling systems free of biofilm, you keep indoor air quality (IAQ) and customer satisfaction high and your operational and energy costs low. Steril-Aire can design an HVAC environmental control solution to fit your specific needs.

Steril-Aire Transportation Products.

Steril-Aire UVC helps transportation modes reach new heights.

Air quality management in airports is as challenging and complex as air traffic control. After all, over one billion passengers per year travel by air. Airport terminals are confined spaces, and HVAC systems can amplify and circulate airborne bacteria, mold and viruses. Skyrocketing energy costs and international requirements to shrink carbon footprints place additional pressures on the industry.

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How Steril-Aire has made transportation safer.

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