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Upper-Air Pro+

The Upper-Air Pro+ is designed to quickly irradiate indoor air within population dense areas for airborne pathogens such as influenza, SARS-CoV2, tuberculosis and measles.

Recommended for 24/7 use and particularly when an area is occupied, the Upper-Air Pro+ allows for continuous treatment of indoor air. For maximum effectiveness, moderate air mixing via natural or mechanical ventilation increases the amount of air the Upper-Air Pro+ can disinfect.

Upper-Air Pro+ fixtures combine industry-leading UVC output with a streamlined, attractive and highly-engineered design. The fixtures are easy to install and support efficient safety commissioning. The Upper-Air Pro+ is factory assembled and tested. It consists of the following parts:

  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Electrical Housing containing easy ON/OFF switch and prewired plug for use with a standard grounded power cord (included)
  • Parabolic reflector constructed from specular aluminum, a highly reflective mirror-like material used to maximize ultraviolet output
  • High Output UVC Lamp
  • Protective Baffles block any stray UVC light

* Replacement Emitters Sold Separately *

Upper-Air Pro+ Product Information

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