Mounting & Framing UVC Accessories by Steril-Aire

Mounting And Framing

Steril-Aire offers multiple options for easy, flexible installation for almost any air handling unit, regardless of size.

The Rapid Install Kit (RIK) includes framing for the easy install of the solution. The framing pieces used in RIKs are also available for custom builds.

The DE Series uses a framing system, consisting of horizontal and vertical extruded aluminum members and UVC fixture mounting hardware.

Steril-Aire has developed the Smart Tool, a software program that supports distributors and contractors in configuring the highest output, most cost-effective UVC lamp system. The software automatically produces charts and graphs, lamp location and quantity, UV irradiance, mounting configurations and more.

Steril-Aire’s innovative and reliable mounting solutions provide an easy, efficient way to install UVC solutions for even the most difficult installations. Steril-Aire mounting solutions provide an easy, efficient way to install UVC Emitters for evaporator coil decontamination, resulting in improved heat transfer, reduced maintenance cost and improved indoor air quality.

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Mounting And Framing Product Information

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