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Replacement UVC Emitter®

Steril-Aire offers the widest array of UVC Emitter germicidal lamps in the industry.

Enhanced Single-Ended, Double-Ended, Single-Ended

  • EGTS Series (ESE/ESEN/RIK/EUVC): 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 50″, 61”
  • GTD Series (DE): 16”, 22”, 28”, 34”, 40”, 60”
  • GTS or RGTS (SE/SEN/RSE): 12’, 16”, 20”, 24”
  • Highest output, high efficiency
  • No ozone
  • Multi-patented, system engineered

Shatter-resistant sleeved Emitters available for the entire line of Emitters. Ideal for critical applications in food processing, beverage, life science and transport applications.

EGTS Series
GTD Series

Replacement UVC Emitter Product Information

Emitter Product SheetDownload
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Lamp Replacement Sales BriefDownload
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Emitter Installation & ReplacementDownload
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MSDS EmittersDownload
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Troubleshooting FAQ For UVC Emitters and FixturesDownload
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Emitter Amps-Watts TableDownload
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