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Surveys & Training

In order to understand how Steril-Aire UVC works, it is important to understand the science behind UVC.

Steril-Aire has a vast network of trusted Partners that can assist in designing high-efficiency UVGI systems. Our team of local representatives have unsurpassed experience and knowledge in the Indoor Air Quality industry. We are also available to do site surveys, which allows us to document all the AHUs in a facility and match them with a recommended UVGI solution. This makes emitter replacements and diagnostics much easier.

As world renowned experts in the Indoor Air Quality industry, we frequently get requests to educate end-users on the science behind UVGI and the proper use and maintenance of our UVGI solutions. The team at Steril-Aire or our connected Partners can be available to present and educate at any level of complexity necessary.


Steril-Aire will review all the applications and AHUs in your facility then match the proper UVGI solution to each application. Site surveys allow for the easy identification and documentations to provide the correct replacement emitters for each application. Recommendations are then made to help maximize UVGI efficacy and disinfection performance.