Steril-Aire Focusing Resources On Education, Retail And More

Travelers, shoppers, students, and teachers to benefit from Steril-Aire’s new dedicated vertical market focus

As the world comes to terms with the fact that we will be dealing with the COVID-19 virus and its variants for years to come, leaders across all sectors and industries are identifying and implementing a variety of mitigation strategies to keep their employees, customers, and loved ones safe. Steril-Aire is leading the charge to bring science-based, proven indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to schools, stores, and busses through its new vertical market focus, which will dedicate resources to those partners and end users in the education, transportation, and retail industries.

“Steril-Aire is committed to supporting our partners and end users in these markets,” said Steve Gitkin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Steril-Aire. “By dedicating a comprehensive suite of resources towards these verticals, including sales and engineering support, our partners can confidently deploy the correct required IAQ solutions using our industry-leading technology.”

While the CDC recommends taking a layered approach at preventing the spread of the virus, including through the improvement of ventilation and IAQ, not all products are created equal. Ionization products, for example, have been marketed to many school districts throughout the pandemic, and yet their safety and efficacy is not yet scientifically proven. A Johns Hopkins report released earlier this year recommended schools instead use science-backed IAQ technologies, such as HEPA air filtration systems or UVGI, to make necessary ventilation improvements.

Retailers, including pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores, have been on the frontlines of the pandemic since the beginning, but because they vary so much in size, their IAQ demands are just as diverse. Steril-Aire can provide UVC solutions no matter the space and is equipped to customize product packages based on each customer’s unique needs.

As with many industries, public transportation, including busses, have had to adapt to the impacts of the pandemic. While some city transit systems have been able to implement important upgrades aimed at improving ventilation, reducing emissions, and decreasing high-touch areas, most have limited resources. A 2009 study released by the Transit IDEA project found UVGI systems installed in busses provided positive health benefits for passengers and drivers, including reducing common viruses by 99%.

Whether it’s mitigating transmission of the virus from one bus passenger to another or improving ventilation and IAQ within our nation’s school buildings, Steril-Aire’s innovative suite of products are scientifically proven to destroy airborne viruses, keep HVAC systems running properly and efficiently, and save energy costs for years to come.