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In a recent ACHR News article, Steve Gitkin, VP for Steril-Aire, highlights the best practices for implementing UVGI solutions into HVAC systems as demand to improve safety increases.

This solution will enable facilities to disinfect pathogen-like viruses in the air of common occupied spaces with science-backed and CDC-recommended ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology.

With both ASHRAE and the CDC encourages UVC for airborne disinfection of COVID-19 within buildings, the best practices for implementing UVGI solutions include:

Optimizing Location of Installation to be on the supply side of the system, downstream from the cooling coil and above the drain pan—thislocation provides more effective biofilm and microbial control than in-ductinstallations because the UVC irradiates the contaminants at the source and delivers simultaneous decontamination of surface and airborne microorganisms.

Maximizing Chiller Performance by eliminating biofilm and organic build-up between the cooling coil fins removing air resistance—therefore,allowing the free flow of air through clean coils to ensure that variable speed-driven fans can operate at a much slower speed to conserve energy.

Creating Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings by installing UVCtechnology to provide additional operational efficiency and cost savings.UVC continuously cleans the coils, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming manual coil and duct cleaning.

Making a Sustainable Impact by conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions through installation. Many UVC projects may qualify for government incentives, utility rebates, or reduction in taxes, or avoidance of environmental penalties.

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