Twin Cities International Schools Updates HVAC System

School’s COVID-19 Positivity Rate Remains at 1% Since Installing Steril-Aire Technology

Twin Cities International Schools announced upgrades to its ventilation and HVAC system with the installation of Steril-Aire’s ultraviolet-C germicidal irradiation (UVGI) emitters. UVGI technology is proven to help eliminate and destroy airborne pathogens, allergens, toxins and irritants, creating a safer learning environment for students and teachers. As school districts across the country continue to identify avenues for protecting people within public buildings, Twin Cities International Schools is already at the forefront of instituting science-backed safety measures designed to combat contaminants found in the air, such as the COVID-19 virus.

The charter school, which serves more than 1,000 students and employs approximately 150 teachers and staff, transitioned to online learning in March 2020 to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The following winter, the school partnered with Steril-Aire, a leader in the development of high-performance indoor air quality (IAQ) and (UVGI) technologies, to install the emitters in its rooftop systems before bringing students and teachers back to the classroom.

“Since installing Steril-Aire UVGI emitters, our COVID-19 positivity rate has remained at or below 1%, which is drastically lower than the surrounding Minneapolis-St. Paul community,” said Kelli Smith, the district’s COVID-19 coordinator and the school’s K-4 director. “We’re excited to continue to see the positive impact it will have on both student and teacher attendance, which has a direct correlation to learning outcomes.”

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